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Used Kwikstage System Scaffolding is very cost effective and one of the most popular System Scaffolding in the UK & Ireland.  Used Kwikstage System Scaffolding can be adapted to suit a variety of applications and can be assembled by semi-skilled operatives.  

Our Kwikstage is inspected and is fully compatible with other Kwikstage Scaffolding brands.  Kwikstage System Scaffolding is cost effective and comprises of four main components including:  Standards – Verticals, Ledgers – Handrails and Transoms – Batten bearers & Steel or Timber Battens. 

The vertical  "V pressings” increments are 500mm, this facilitates total flexibility and efficiency.  Kwikstage is simple to erect and very cost effective. The Transoms are available in 5 board width (4ft 2” – 1.2m) and 3 board wide.( 2ft 8” – 0.81m) providing flexibility.

Used Kwikstage is very cost effective, gives performance and flexibility and is 40% faster than traditional scaffolding.

We offer a full range of Kwikstage ancillary components to maximise your capability.
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